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Bryan University uses a range of different technology, but don’t worry: we also provide resources for learning to use that technology. Some computer problems will require help from our IT department, and they can be reached by phone at 1-888-355-1546 or by email at ITS@BryanUniversity.edu. You can find the ITS website at http://support.bryanuniversity.edu. If you need to use a program and do not know how, take a look at the below resources to get started.

Below, you will find some learning resources for technology used by all Bryan University departments. If you need help with a program used only by one department at B.U., you will find them at the bottom of this page.

Computer Basics

Computer Troubleshooting

LearnBryan Canvas Resources

  • Log In and Navigate LearnBryan (Health Information Tech, Billing and Coding, Exercise Science, and Court Reporting) (Video, 2:51)
  • View Your Live Class Times (Video, 0:55)
  • Joining a Live Class Session (Video, 1:08)
  • Completing Discussion Posts, Drills, and Assignments (Video, 2:57)
  • Completing Learn-Its (Video, 4:00)
  • Engaging in Course Boards (Video, 2:35)
  • Completing Career Experience Assignments (Video, 2:01)
  • Set Up Your Profile and Notifications (Video, 4:38)

VitalSource Resources

Zoom Resources

Yellowdig Resources

McGraw-Hill Connect

Microsoft Word Skills

Word 365

Other Versions of Word

 Presentation Skills (Powerpoint)

Spreadsheet Skills (Excel)

Portal Resources

PDF Skills

Gmail and Google Skills

Resources by Academic Program

For help with technology used by your specific program, see below. These resources are organized alphabetically by program name.

Advanced Personal Training and Exercise Science (APTES) Resources

YouSeeU Support

  • Setting Up Your Profile (Product Help)
  • Submitting Your Assignments (Product Help)
  • Reducing the File Size if Your Video Won’t Upload on a PC (Windows XP or Vista) (Product Help)
  • Reducing the File Size if Your Video Won’t Upload on a PC (Windows 7 or Later) (Product Help)
  • Reducing the File Size if Your Video Won’t Upload on a Mac (Product Help)
  • How to Turn Off HD on iPhone and Android (Coming Soon)
  • Completing Question and Answer Activities (Product Help)
  • Tips for Making Your Videos Look Better (Product Help)
  • Example of a Great YouSeeU Video (Video, 2:20)
  • Example of a Not-So-Great YouSeeU Video (Video, 2:33)

Court Reporting (CR) Resources for 2-Voice Program


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