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Study Skills and Time Management

If you are looking for help with your study skills, Bryan University offers a variety of resources. The Student Academic Assistance program offers 1-on-1 sessions with experienced students who can help you develop strategies for succeeding in your program. For more information, or to request a session, click here!

Below, you will find videos and handouts below with study tips and strategies.

Study Skills

__ Study Skills Workshop: The Seven Steps to Effective and Efficient Self-Learning (Click here to view) In this workshop, Tina Hammerton discuss the 7 Steps to Effective and Efficient Self-Learning, and covers note-taking tips and better ways to prepare for tests.

__ Reducing Test Anxiety Guide

__ Taking Notes (PowerPoint)

Time Management

__ Time Management Workshop 1: How to Prioritize and Fight Procrastination (Click here to view)  In this workshop, Adrienne Savone helps students identify and schedule their priorities, and how to recognize procrastination and change habits to be more proactive with their time.

__ Time Management Workshop 2: How to be a Proactive Scheduler and Create an Effective Environment (Click here to view) This workshop, hosted by Adrienne Savone, shows students how to be in control of their 24 hours, and great time-saving tips to help in everyday living.

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