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New Student, Court Reporting

Are You New to Bryan University?

Then welcome! Your Launchpad apps in BryanConnect are a great place to get started with approaching school with the right mindset and knowing how to use the technology. On this page, you can find links to the videos from your Launchpad apps, along with some others that should help as you get started!

How School Works at B.U.

  1. Welcome to the B.U. Community! (Video, 1:42)
  2. You Can Learn Anything (Video, 1:30)
  3. How School Works at Bryan University (Video, 3:30)
  4. Making Success a Habit (Video, 2:51)
  5. How We Help You (Video, 3:29)
  6. Welcome from our Chancellor, Don Gull (Video, 3:11)

Technology Basics

The Basics of Office 365 and Your Student Email

Your student email account is a great way to communicate. You will want to set up your Bryan University email account as soon as possible, and the following resources will help with this:


Still Need Help? If you still have questions on getting started at B.U., don’t hesitate to contact Student Outreach. You can reach them by phone at 602-384-2611 or by email at StudentOutreach@BryanUniversity.edu.

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Student Academic Assistance

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