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Need Help With Your Studies?

If you are looking for help with academics, time management or study skills, Bryan University offers many kinds of support.

A good first step if you are struggling in your classes is to reach out to your instructor through either LearnBryan or email. You can also reach out to Student Academic Assistance (SAA) if you would like to meet with someone individually for help with study skills or understanding assignments. SAA offers 1-on-1 sessions with experienced students who can help you develop strategies for succeeding in your program. To schedule a session, select student below you would like to schedule with! You can also scroll down for access to more academic resources.

Further Resources

Welcome to the Bryan Library (Click Here to View) This video shows you how to access the Bryan Library, and also shows you how the library can help you to succeed in your academic program.

Grammarly – Your Personal Proofreader (Click Here to Accesss) Make your writing shine with this spelling, grammar, and plagiarism self-check tool. Sign up today using your Bryan University email address.

Tips for Better Google Search Results (Click Here to View) This brief video teaches you a few tricks for getting better results when doing Google searches.

Better Searching with Keywords (Click Here to View) Keywords are essential when searching the web, article databases, or anything with a search box! This presentation shows you how to choose more effective keywords.

Advanced Searching with Google (Video, 5:04) This video will show you how to use Google’s advanced search functions with both Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Essay Writing Basics (Handout) This handout covers the steps of essay writing, including examples and resources for further information.

Academic Honesty and Plagiarism (Handout) Academic honesty is very important, but for anyone new to academic writing, understanding plagiarism can be a little confusing. This handout will help you understand how to avoid plagiarism.

Formatting a Paper in APA (Handout) This handout gives the basic guidelines for formatting your essays in APA format.

Citing Sources with APA (Handout) This guide shows you the basics of creating your reference list using APA format.


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